Executive and personal Coaching

Learning about ourselves often goes slow. Much of the time, and especially under stress, we can’t see beyond our current approach to a situation.

Coaching focuses and enables the learning process, designed to address the unique developmental needs of the client.

The coach supports the client to become more conscious of the mindset and action of their current approach and in parallel, envision a new way, and develop the capabilities to achieve those outcomes that are deeply important to them.

Coaching will be focused on agreed developmental objectives. Topics can range from workplace and leadership issues, to more personal issues, for example, career, assertiveness and life purpose.

Clients will engage in practical capacity-building exercises plus self reflection to build muscle in their developmental objectives, to experience success, and to become more aware of behaviours and mindsets that close down the outcomes they desire. 

Coaching may be supported by 360deg feedback and other diagnostic instruments.

Coaching programs for individuals or groups are run over 3, 6 and 12 months.