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First up for 2018 Events:
Women in Leadership Forum


For Women By Women

These group sessions are held each month and led by Jill Currey and run exclusively for women, by women. The purpose is to explore challenges, share insights, compare experiences, and try out new ideas – all related to leadership - within a genuine safe and trusted space.

DEVELOP greater leadership skills that foster growth for both the individual and their organisation

NETWORK with like-minded women

LEARN from peers and share experiences

RELATE with others in ways that support a deeper sense of authenticity and connection


New in 2018, WiLF is offering two options 

The feedback from our survey was amazingly positive. In 2018 Currey & Co wants to continue to provide this successful program and is offering two options for women to develop their leadership capabilities, their purpose and their self-belief. 

The two options are:

A.  an open group, similar to 2017, where you can join at any time. For those whose work commitments are variable and yet  want the value of the group experience and leadership development.

Read more (download a copy of our flyer)

Register here for a place.

B.  a closed group for upto 15 women who will opt in at the beginning, and participate monthly for five months with an option for a further meetings. This will provide an upgrade of experience and allow for greater continuity of learning and relationships. 

Read more  (download a copy of our flyer - Group B)

Registrations for the second series are now open.

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