how to lead from your wisdom,

and avoid internalised self doubt

A series of seven workshops in hobart,

8.30am to 10.00am, every third tuesday

18 june to 10 december 2019

Cost: $350

Registrations now closed


Women Leaders’ Wisdom Circle

I believe that women leaders acting authentically can make important changes in the world. I believe that right now, the world needs women who live their values and who are connected to their feelings.

Culture plays on fear and promotes hero leadership, rather than leadership that encourages the heart and authentic connection. Subsequently the culture pushes women to play small, to forget who they are and the dreams that matter to them.

I want you to know that as a woman leader, you’re not alone. That the feelings, the values you have, the way you see, are also experienced by other women.

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Hi I’m Jill Currey,

I’m a coach and facilitator and have worked with hundreds of women to support their leadership.

I help you to realise leadership that is truly wise and avoid letting go what is important.

I specialise in working with leaders across public service, community and not-for-profit, scientists, academics, professional women, leaders who can shift culture and make a difference. Women who want to avoid operating from the hero leadership that plays on fear and disconnection.

Instead I will help you experience leadership that works from a different paradigm, that embraces connection, values wisdom, cares for the planet and our children and grandchildren’s future. I will show you how to connect with what is important, and how to recognise how culture impacts the expression of your leadership.

I will do that by giving you frameworks, tools and practices to support you to notice and challenge internalised cultural assumptions, develop influence and empathy, understand how you get derailed and ways of managing that, so you can develop your personal power in the nurturing environment of women sharing stories of leadership.

I want you to know that you’re not alone. I want you to know all the things that you’re going through as a woman leader, other women are going through too. Together we shall create new stories of leadership. Together we shall create more options and remember our dreams.

This is our work together in the Women Leaders’ Wisdom Circle.

The Program - the nuts and bolts

  • We meet over seven month’s with one monthly meeting per month so that you can have a coming together time to connect with each other and share what’s been important over the month. Meeting regularly keeps us connected to a community of peers on the same journey and affirms that we’re not what the voices in our heads might be telling us.

  • We meet as a group for 1.5 hours per month, so that you can have enough time to have some in-depth conversations and develop relationships with other group members.

  • In the group there will be some instructor-led skill time, some small group time and some full group exercises and conversation so that you can have the opportunity to learn and practice new content in both small and larger group contexts. The pairs and small groups allow for intimacy and a feeling of safety. They grow trust and allow us to be real with each other. It’s a great way to share vulnerabilities and fears, and play with new skills. Bringing conversations back to the larger group shows you the experiences that are shared, while also showing diversity.

  • You will have exercises (practices) to complete each month so that you can take the learning outside, to support your skill development and self awareness

  • There is a private Facebook group so that you can communicate with each other and encourage each other over the month. Many of you are quite isolated, this allows for 24/7 support and builds the community.


I want a world where women are taking their rightful place, where love and connection are not dirty words and that women enact their leadership authentically.