For the past thirty years the Principal of Currey & Co Consulting, Jill Currey, has explored what makes people tick and what engages them to dig deep and pull off achievements that require courage and persistence, and may transform them, their careers, their families and their workplace.

During this time she has supported entrepreneurs move from a dream to reality, scientists to become more skilful communicators and people developers, professionals in their early career to connect and work towards their true ambition, women to challenge and change mainstream cultures, senior leaders to engage their people with change.

Jill specialises in supporting leaders to develop an integral approach to change, ie to balance a focus on the bottom-line, and restructuring and re engineering, with a similar emphasis on the invisible but powerful dimensions of organisational life, such as vision, values, purpose, and cultural norms.

Currey & Co knows that this approach takes a concerted effort by the leaders, and is the only way for change to be deep and sustainable. 

Currey & Co partners with highly talented consultants and coaches to bring a broad and effective repertoire of skills to her consultancy.

We gain strength and courage and confidence by each experience in which we really stop and look fear in the face, we must do that which we think we cannot.
— Eleanor Roosevelt
Jill Currey - Principal

Jill Currey - Principal